Family Matters — Fostering Independence in our Children

I’m excited to be speaking at the upcoming Family Matters Family Day Conference on February 18, 2018 inshaAllah! 🎉

I’ll be speaking on Helicopter parenting- Providing freedom for your kids without smothering them” at 2:45 – 3:10 pm. 😁

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Child Poverty in the Toronto Bangladeshi Community

Oakridge, which has a high concentration of highly educated young immigrant families from Bangladesh, has the third-highest rate of child poverty in the city. About 55 per cent of children in the area are living in poverty.

“Affordable child care is the number one issue facing our community.”

“I can’t study without child care. But I can’t get a child-care subsidy if I am in school or working,” Hussain said. “Day by day I am feeling depressed. Winter is coming and we can’t afford jackets and boots. We will need a stroller and a car seat for the new baby.”

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“We are all still human.”

At Noor Cultural Centre yesterday: Understanding the Rohingya Genocide: History, Current Situation, and Global Responses

Dr. Nabiha Islam: It will take a long time to process what I have seen and heard. I don’t have a right to look away. No matter how hard it is to see or hear. I see my own father in the faces of the Rohingya fathers. I see my own mother in the faces of these Rohingya mothers. My faith helps me to absorb this. We cannot dehumanize.

There is a hadith where our beloved Prophet SAW said you must help your brother whether he is the oppressor or the oppresse, and the companions then asked him what he meant by helping the oppressor. Our Prophet SAW replied that we help him by stopping his oppression. This is a systematic campaign. This is learned hate. We are all still human. Humans have an incredible ability for good and an incredible ability for evil. I try to remember this when I hear these stories.

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